Schultz Creates

IT Solutions

that develop knowledge, welfare, and growth for the Danish society

Schultz has high ambitions in contributing IT support to the Danish society's handling of critical public and private tasks, specializing in municipal task management within employment and job center areas.

This means that Schultz is highly conscious of the actual quality of their deliveries, particularly regarding the end-user experience of the solutions' performance, where busy municipal employees and citizens rely on Schultz solutions to respond quickly and remain operationally stable.

As part of their collaboration with customers, Schultz has established fixed agreements on service levels for performance and availability. These agreements are strictly enforced, with penalties for non-compliance.

To support credibility and document compliance with the agreed SLA requirements, Schultz uses the third-party solution OneView from Monsalta to assess their adherence to performance agreements and calculate any applicable penalties.

Administrative Processes can be an Obstacle

Today, more than 85% of Denmark's municipalities use one or more digital services from Schultz to handle a wide range of tasks. With increasing digitization of all work processes and a heightened focus on digital quality, the need for fully reliable and efficient performance reporting is urgent. This includes precise reporting on compliance with the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that Schultz has established with each of their customers to ensure that the delivered digital solutions meet expectations.

With a growing number of customers and a diverse set of solutions and agreed performance requirements, Schultz's task of obtaining specific customer-related data sets to compile relevant SLA reports for each customer became very resource-intensive. The process Schultz used required extensive manual work, which was not only time-consuming but also significantly increased the risk of reporting errors. Therefore, Monsalta was contacted to implement OneView to support SLA reporting for Schultz for all their customers in a fully digitalized solution.

Reliable and efficient

Monsalta is always reliable and efficient in assisting with the business aspects of tasks, especially when there is a need to perform and implement new SLA calculations.

Jean-Nette Stenz Hansen

- Projekt- og Leverancechef, Schultz

Oneview helps optimization of SLA reporting and strengthened customer relations

With their innovative solution, OneView, Monsalta has created a solid concept for Service Level Management, which Schultz has implemented today. OneView ensures reliable quality of internal and external deliveries through precise measurements, proactive monitoring, and transparent reporting. Collectively, this effectively manages all Service Level Objectives (SLOs), Service Level Indicators (SLIs), and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) defined by Schultz.

By using OneView for proactive SLA monitoring and SLA reporting, Schultz achieves significant benefits. OneView streamlines workflows and reduces the time spent generating the more than 100 monthly SLA reports the company produces for its customers. At the same time, Schultz minimizes the risk of errors, which increases the accuracy and reliability of the data used. This automation and precision contribute to significant cost savings and free up resources for other critical tasks.

Schultz uses OneView across all their solutions. This provides the organization with an overall operational status of all solutions and significantly improves troubleshooting, as they can see exactly where the error occurred.

Additionally, OneView strengthens Schultz’s credibility with their customers by ensuring that SLAs are measured in a consistent and reliable manner by an external partner. Transparent reporting and precise monitoring enhance customers’ trust in Schultz as a reliable partner in their digital services. OneView’s robust Service Level Management module thus contributes to increased customer satisfaction and stronger customer relationships.

Monsalta serves as our impartial alliance partner through OneView in our customer interactions, while maintaining a loyal spirit of collaboration. The automated SLA reporting in OneView has reduced our manual workload by over two weeks per month and minimized the risk of errors."

Kim Christensen

IT Operations and Security Manager, Schultz

Schultz gains the following advantages from utilizing OneView

Digital Quality

Increased focus on digital quality has led to significant improvements in performance, reliability, and accuracy across all digital services.


Observability and transparency across the entire organization significantly aid in troubleshooting within a complex IT landscape, ensuring issues are identified and resolved more efficiently.

Manual Work Reduction

OneView generates over 100 SLA reports each month, significantly reducing manual workload by more than two weeks and minimizing the risk of errors.