Digital solutions are all around us. We all do business on the internet. Your IT systems are exposed to your customers. Everybody is getting more and more digital and eventually turning into self-service.

The cost of purchasing and running IT systems are bigger than ever. This means that focus must be on efficiency of your IT systems.

Your IT systems must be built in a way that support your business and your customers’ needs and your IT systems need to run seamless all the time.

Monsalta help businesses and public entities ensure that IT systems delivers good response time and availability to internal and external end users. These are some of the companies and partners who understand that focus on response time and availability is key in doing digital business.

OneView helps SKAT (Danish Tax Authorities) securing good response time and availability from all our vital IT systems. That is a priority for us both on external self service solutions and internal IT systems.

Head of Section Johnni Jensen, SKAT.


Monsalta and OneView take a proactive approach to problem solving and have helped us document the "invisible" IT problems.

IT Solutions Advisor Anne Mygind Rindal ATP.

Due to our cooperation we are given the possibility of optimizing our digital landscape and sharing digital information across all our suppliers. It furthermore secures that we are constantly on the leading edge of how our end-users perceive our digital services.

Thomas Holte, Head of Section, SKAT

"Monsalta is with OneView an important element for us in the awareness of and the work with the quality of the delivery of the national digital services."

Rune Arnfeldt Jarden, Chief Consultant, The Danish Agency for Digital Government